You deserve excellent financial advice and outstanding service. That’s why we are…


We aren’t owned by a financial institution with an unreliable moral compass; we only answer to one person: you.


This means that we are obligated to do what’s best for you; we will act in your best interest at all times.

…full service.

We perform both investment management & financial planning in-house so you receive an integrated solution.


We earn fees based on the services we provide you. We do not collect commissions by buying certain securities.


…here. That simple statement is at the heart of everything we do:



Our specialty is preserving and growing your wealth over the long-term. We begin by conducting a comprehensive assessment of your current financial situation as well as your aspirations. The information we gather provides us with the foundation necessary to construct the best strategy to maximize your returns without undue risk to your principal.

Next, we combine elements of our investing philosophy with your objectives to produce a customized asset allocation. In doing so, we adhere to the widely-held notion that financial markets in relatively advanced economies (like our own) are largely efficient. As such, we’re more apt to employ passive investing strategies (like index funds) when adding these types of exposures to your portfolio. On the other hand, where economies are less efficient (like in emerging markets), we’re more likely to employ active investing strategies that allow you to profit from the price vs. value discrepancies that exist in those markets.

Once the overall strategy has been finalized, we draft a formal investment policy statement and implement it on your behalf. You are kept informed during the process, but are not burdened with the nitty-gritty operational or administrative details. With the plan in place, we monitor your progress and clearly and concisely report it to you every calendar quarter. We also coordinate regularly with your trusted tax and legal advisors to ensure cross-discipline compatibility and to promote an overall unity of professional effort.

We leverage years of experience and education, as well as cutting-edge technology, to build your investment portfolio and perform rigorous financial analysis and due diligence in support of it. Our research efforts are global in scale and span every major asset class. The resulting portfolios are targeted, data-driven, and rooted in sound financial principles.

We have chosen Pershing LLC, a subsidiary of The Bank of New York Mellon, for securities clearing and custody. BNY Mellon is the world’s largest custodian with over $27 trillion in assets under custody. Since 1939, Pershing has provided brokerage execution, trade clearance, securities data processing and investment access to registered broker/dealers. That means your assets are safeguarded by one of the oldest custodians in the world. Pershing is a member of the NYSE, FINRA and SIPC, and its international affiliates are members of the Frankfurt, Irish and London stock exchanges. With over six million accounts and more than $1.5 trillion in client assets, Pershing is the largest securities clearing firm in North America and has extensive financial resources.



We provide you with your own personalized financial road map. This road map is designed to optimize your financial well-being while affording you the peace of mind that comes with having a thoughtful plan in place. The road map can be as broad-based or narrowly-focused as you desire. However, our advice typically touches on the following areas:

(1) Financial Position: We inventory your assets and liabilities in order to determine your current net worth. Then we analyze your cash inflows and outflows. Based on the results, we prioritize how a cash surplus should be used or how to reduce expenses if they exceed your income. Where applicable, we provide debt reduction recommendations. We also suggest a level of cash reserves to have on hand for emergencies and other financial goals. If you are contemplating making a major purchase like a new home or car, you can use our online guide to help plan.

(2) Risk Management: We gauge your exposure to major risks that could have a significant adverse impact on your financial situation, such as premature death, disability, property and casualty losses, or the need for long-term care. Next, we provide advice on ways to mitigate these risks and how to weigh the costs of purchasing insurance versus the benefits of doing so and, likewise, the potential costs and benefits associated with not purchasing insurance (i.e., self-insuring).

(3) Employee Benefits: If applicable, we can perform an analysis to determine whether you, as an employee, are taking maximum advantage of your employee benefits. Sherwood Investment Management can also offer advice on your employer-sponsored retirement plan and/or stock options, along with other benefits that may be available to you.

(4) Retirement: We run projections that predict the likelihood of you being able to achieve your financial goals, with financial independence being priority number one. For situations in which the projections result in undesirable outcomes, we show you the impact of making changes to certain variables (i.e., working longer, saving more, spending less, and taking more risk with your investments) that can positively affect the outcomes. If you are near retirement or are already retired, we can suggest distribution strategies that will reduce the likelihood of you running out of money or having to reduce spending during your retirement years. We can also help you maximize your Social Security and Medicare benefits. If you’d like to get an idea of whether you’re on the right track to retirement success, click here to use our retirement assessment tool.

(5) Tax Optimization: We provide guidance on how to minimize current and future income taxes as a part of your overall financial planning picture. For example, our recommendations routinely include which types of account(s) should be in place and which types of investments should be held in each. We can also advise you on the use of certain tax reduction strategies like tax loss harvesting.

(6) Education Expenses: We estimate the amount that will be needed to achieve any educational goals for you and/or your family members. Then we suggest potential funding strategies while presenting the various pros and cons associated with each. We can also review eligibility for financial aid as well as the best ways to make educational gifts to grandchildren. If you’d like to estimate the cost of an educational program and determine whether or not you’ll be able to afford it, you can use our education funding calculator.

(7) Estate Planning: We determine your likely exposure to estate taxes and review your current estate plan, which may include whether you have a will, powers of attorney, trusts and other related documents. Where appropriate, we suggest ways to minimize or avoid future estate taxes by implementing appropriate estate planning strategies such as gifting and the use of various trusts. We can also provide guidance on philanthropic ventures.

(8) Investing: We survey your current portfolio and assess its ability to meet your future cash flow needs without unnecessary risk to your capital. If there’s a deficiency, we suggest possible fixes. Where applicable, we can also provide strategies for reducing the risk and/or improving the liquidity associated with any concentrated stock positions you hold.


 How We’re Compensated

Investment management accounts are assessed an asset-based fee per the following table:

     Assets Managed                         Annual Fee
First $1 million                            0.95%
Next $2 million                            0.80%
Next $2 million                            0.65%
Amounts over $5 million           0.50%


The fee calculation is based on a blended tier.  For example. if you have $4 million under management,
you will be assessed an annual rate of 0.95% on the first $1 million, 0.80% on the next $2 million,
and 0.65% on the last $1 million.


 Financial planning can be performed on a one-time or ongoing basis.  A one-time engagement typically results in the delivery of a financial plan.  Financial plans can usually be completed for $3,000-$5,000, depending on the complexity of your circumstances.  Fees for ongoing financial planning vary, but are included in the cost of any investment management services we provide for you as long as we manage at least $500,000 on your behalf.


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