Brian will begin teaching finance courses at the College for Financial Planning (  He is slated to teach a course on investment planning in July.  A preliminary topic outline is below:

Introduction to formula sheet and risk/return relationships
Types and measurements of risk, standard deviation, beta, and capital asset pricing model (CAPM)
Correlations and the “correlation pyramid”
Standard deviation of a portfolio, concept and calculation
Modern portfolio theory and application, capital market line (CML), security market line (SML), and asset allocation
Efficient market hypothesis (EMH) and behavioral finance
Zero, constant, and non-constant dividend discount model (DDM), valuation scenario
Risk/return measurements – Sharpe, Treynor, Jensen (alpha), beta reliability
Geometric, holding period, and dollar weighted returns, net present value (NPV)
Fundamental and technical analysis, ratios, anomalies
Features of fixed income, preferred stocks, convertibles
Bond calculations – TEY, CY, YTC, YTM, PV
Duration – concept and calculation, convexity
Derivatives – options, futures, warrants
Real assets – gold, real estate, property valuation, and various investment choices