Brian Littlejohn, MBA, CFP®, CFA is a fee-only financial advisor serving clients in Glenwood Springs, CO and beyond. His firm, Sherwood Investment Management, provides investment management, retirement planning, and comprehensive financial planning to help clients organize, grow, and protect their assets. Sherwood Investment Management is completely independent, acts as a fiduciary for its clients at all times, and never accepts commissions of any kind.

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Personal finance combines two of my favorite pursuits: helping others and finance. Prior to founding Sherwood, I was an investment adviser at The Wealth Conservancy in Boulder, Colorado. There I provided a diverse group of clients the entire spectrum of wealth management services. In particular, I was responsible for implementing investment strategies for $250 million in client assets. Before pursuing my passion for personal finance, I served as an officer in the United States Air Force. I flew several types of aircraft before transitioning into the engineering field. As an engineer, I managed large-scale construction projects in the United States and overseas. I continue to embrace the Air Force core values of integrity, service, and excellence. When I’m not advising clients or teaching personal finance courses, I enjoy spending time with my family, playing tennis, hiking, skiing, and traveling.

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Independence + Fee-only compensation = Objective advice

Investment management accounts are assessed an asset-based fee per the following table:

Assets Managed                     Annual Fee
First $1 million                            1.00%
Next $2 million                            0.85%
Next $2 million                            0.70%
Amounts over $5 million           0.55%


The fee calculation is based on a blended tier. For example, if you have $4 million under management, you will be assessed an annual rate of 1.00% on the first $1 million, 0.85% on the next $2 million, and 0.70% on the last $1 million.

Our fee for financial planning services is $250 per hour. This fee will be waived if we manage at least $500,000 on your behalf.


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